About Me

Lynn Bolton BSc (Hons)

Skincare and the way my skin looks has always been very important to me.

As a teenager I was afflicted with acne which can be physically painful as well as emotionally painful, so I left school at 16 and went to college to train as a Beauty Therapist and Hairdresser.

I was a terrible hairdresser but I developed an interest in the human body and how it all functions so I continued my education to degree level and went to University to train as a Radiographer.

I have always worked clinically whilst growing and using my skills as a therapist at home on family and friends. I have chosen to focus on skincare with the dermaplaning, needling and peels but I am qualified in other areas such as Nutrition, Personal Training level 2, Sports massage, Dry needling, Reiki and Indian Head Massage.

Oh and I can also take a pretty good X-ray!!

Give us a call on 07895716151 or email lynn@vanillaspice.net to book.

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