Janet was born in Toronto but raised in NorthEast Italy until 8 years ago, when she moved to the UK with her husband Richard.She originally trained as a Diagnostic Radiographer at the University Of Udine in 2000 but went on to complete her Herbal Medicine degree 7 years later along with Massage therapies, Lymphatic Drainage, Iridology, Naturopathy and finally training in reflexology at the London School of Reflexology in 2018, all whilst working in various Hospitals as a radiographer. She is hugely professional in her clinical work ( I should know as I worked with her!) and very knowledgeable in her alternative therapies which is why she is bringing her Reflexology knowledge to Vanilla Spice once a month on a Saturday. I loved working with her in the NHS and I think we will work really well together out of it. We can both do Reiki so we will be looking to build on this in the coming months.Give us a call on 07895716151,  email lynn@vanillaspice.net or hit the booking button to claim your appointment.

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