Microneedling & Skin Rollering – Ipswich

Microneedling or Skin rollering is a procedure where a small pen or roller containing up to 200 small needles is rolled across the face, neck and upper chest initiating a ‘trauma’ response within the dermis of the skin. Put simply, the response to this trauma is increased production of new collagen and elastin in the dermis. Collagenesis or collagen production reduces as we get older which is why the skin starts to sag. After needling, growth factors are released stimulating the production of new skin cells. This results in new layers of collagen and elastin being formed which coupled with specific serums, gives the skin a plumper fresher look over time.


Skin rollering
Skin roller facial with nourishing Serums £160 for one. Course of up to 3 Treatments advised. 6 weeks apart £420 for 3

Microneedling Facial
Microneedling facial with a needle pen and nourishing serums. £65


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